Amy Zoe Bekier Fine Art
The pure pigments of pastel and oil allow for vibrancy and softness simultaneously.


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I finally found your website after seeing the video about you on the FSH website. I hope to review your website and artwork again
-- Lisa , 8/20/23

You portraits are so sensitive and expressive you have such a delicate touch with that they are awesome.
-- Sherry Solow, 11/16/22

Beautiful paintings!
-- Jared Jacobsen, 8/20/22

I came, I saw, I loved. Beautiful expressions !
-- Sue Ann Daffara, 4/16/18

Amy I absolutely LOVE your work. I myself draw but I haven't done so in a very long time. I suppose once life slows down for me I may revisit and see if I still have the talent still hidden in me somewhere. God bless you my friend.
-- Robin Ragan , 7/15/15

Thanks for putting your message on Networks for Bernardo Heights. I will go to the Community Center to see the display. Pat
-- Pat Peckham, 3/28/15

I had no idea you were an artist too! Nice work Amy. I used to paint. Did renderings of interiors for designers. Never anything like these beauties. Inspired by this.
-- Amy Venters, 2/26/14

I am so proud of you. Love your work. You are getting better and better.
-- Mickey Block, 7/21/13

Hi art neighbor!!! I just wanted to check out your site and tell you what a great experience it was working next to you this weekend!! Your work is AWESOME!!!! I hope we cross paths again!!
-- Steve Johnson (Stevez-art.Com), 6/24/13

Beautiful work Amy! Love the website and so impressed by your determination and creativity. Keep up the great work
-- Michelle Mackay, 4/21/13

Hi, I wrote comments to you on your art site before I came to the guestbook. Love your work. When one gets "in the zone of creation" it is a fabulous feeling.
-- Barbara Rosenblum, 3/13/13

Love your work!
-- Barbara Chin, 3/12/13

Love your work! Hope to meet you soon.
-- Laurie Heyman, 3/5/13

Found you by coincidences..adore your ephemeral images.
-- Lorraine, 3/23/12

so proud of u for representing what FSH can't take from u!! ur portraits r amazing, & the vibrant colors of some of ur landscapes are to die for. but I prefer the muted tones of "a day in the park" & "the wooded path"..u r a great artist! & I never knew how talented u were!..thanks so much for sharing
-- Nicky Dexter, 3/9/12

I've enjoyed viewing your work. Your art conveys a sense of warmth which is touching.
-- Len Guerzon, 8/31/11

Amy your technique is so unique. When I view your outstanding work a sense of peace comes over me, it is so soft and easy on the eye to look at. Great work! I am impressed!
-- Sherry Nelson, 7/10/11

The beauty of your art reflects the beauty of the inspiring inner person that is you
-- Tom Connolly, 5/31/11

Great work, Amy- you have tremendous courage!
-- Laurie Heyman, 5/30/11

I enjoy your website and look forward to new additions. Each painting has its own character and portrays your deep appreciation of life. February, 2011
-- Karen, 2/6/11

Pastel & oil paintings, charcoal and graphite drawings of landscapes, still life, portraits and animals

 Amy Zoe Bekier • San Diego, CA
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