I am using the notion of bio-invasion or catastrophic environmental events as the catalyst for the destruction of the biological forms in my large scale mixed media drawings.  These are not images of actual destructive events, or narratives, but of what the aftermath might look like as things are settling and falling apart after such an event.  I am focusing on dismantling, unraveling biological forms leaving ambient murky atmospheres filled with floating bits of organic detritus.   These entities appear to fade in and out of being, shifting and moving around space, leaving shadows and hints of their existence, sometimes morphing into new states of being leaving shadows and hints of their existence. 

In these images, I am attempting to capture the active dissolution and shifting of the organisms as they fade in and out of focus, fall into deep space, and dissolve. The inspiration comes from my deep-rooted connection with biological sciences, my more recent involvement with forensics, and my deep feeling of responsibility towards our environment fueled by my awareness of the dire effects that humans are having on it. I am concerned about the permanent damage that we are doing with pollutants, global warming, the chemicals and pharmaceuticals that get into our soil and our water supply, the transporting of non-native invasive species, and the genetic engineering chimera. Our fragile little environment that is fraught with dichotomies; beauty and decay, attraction and repulsion, clarity and obscurity, conception and death, compels me to continue my visual exploration.



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