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You are an amazing creative, I look forward to seeing more beyond this portfolio!
-- Deyo, 6/20/18

-- Lorraine Alice Calderon, 1/29/17

Anita: Your three series, your varied styles, all support your artist's statement, clearly.
-- Mark, 9/25/16

Wow, you're quite the artist!
-- Steven Stein, 4/16/14

i love ur art piece
-- Hakeem Fatah Balogun, 6/18/13

Powerful images . Let's just hope and work so that the destruction of our small planet never occurs.
-- Lynne Okon Scholnick, 8/24/11

Antia: your work is unique and beautiful! i love the Anatomy series.
-- Frances L. Wang, 1/6/11

Hi neighbor! A pleasure meeting you and your pack, and perusing your website... My favorites are your MFA thesis title and the amazing forensics work. Google my name to find my unartistic website, f&f
-- Fred&faris, 3/20/10

This is really quite amazing.
-- Mickey Brown, 5/30/09

love your work.. Hope you can come visit us at Loyola..and perhaps do the forensics demo that you offered to do.
-- Nancy Kay Turner, 5/8/09

Great work! We'll have to see it in person when we visit CA!
-- Travis, Melissa And Stephanie, 4/24/09

Love your work!
-- Ben Biddle, 4/8/09

Jason CimenskiHowdy! Great site! Love your new work!
-- Jason Cimenski, 4/8/09

Howdy Anita, I certainly can appreciate your gift as an artist. My middle daughter is likewise gifted though for the moment she is more given toward commerial graphic arts. I also appreciate what you are attempting to convey though I don't necessarily agree with the premise of human kind as separate from nature and destroyer of all things good. Viewing our own lives in such regard leaves no room for anything other than Nihilism which I think is your point. I can't live like that and fortunately I have found that I don't have to due to someone who came into my life with the truth and living in that truth has set me free.
-- John Showalter, 4/8/09

Your Art is beautiful, I have an empty space on my wall! lol
-- Tanya, 4/8/09

anita sinclair fine art