The word Baraka in Arabic means “blessing.” Sufis use Baraka to mean “divine essence.” Baraka Photography provides meditative images to help people connect with a world much larger than ourselves.
My travels have taken me through 40 countries - but not very quickly. I waited in a lot of hot and dusty lines, took many slow and crowded bus rides, felt confused and lonely for days on end.

In these long hours, I learned to do the opposite of my inclination: When I'm bored, annoyed, worried, or tired, I just look more closely at what is right in front of me. Instead of zoning out, I pay more attention.

A rich beauty of detail infuses even the simplest, ugliest, or craziest scenes. It is a blessing that is always at hand. This is what I try to do with photography - bring into focus this fantastic visual wealth that surrounds us.


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