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Baraka Photography

Artist directory :: Baraka Photography

International fine arts photography. Taking a closer look at nature, people and architecture from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the United States.

Baraka Photography


Baraka Photography 
The word Baraka in Arabic means “blessing.” Sufis use Baraka to mean “divine essence.” Baraka Photography provides meditative images to help people connect with a world much larger than ourselves. My travels have taken me through 40 countries - but not very quickly. I waited in a lot of hot and dusty lines, took many slow and crowded bus rides, felt confused and lonely for days on end. In these long hours, I learned to do the opposite of my inclination: When I'm bored, annoyed, worried, or tired, I just look more closely at what is right in front of me. Instead of zoning out, I pay more attention. A rich beauty of detail infuses even the simplest, ugliest, or craziest scenes. It is a blessing that is always at hand. This is what I try to...


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United Arab Emirates


Corners Silent edges in Istanbul.
Beyond recognition Aftermath of a fire.
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