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Bernie would be proud to see your work on line in this computer era.
-- Sean Harrison, 5/5/22

Still enjoying my three Barton paintings; including one in the leaf raindrops series
-- Jeff Ob, 5/8/21

This is an interesting site. I'm delighted to be part of it.
-- Sean Harrison, 5/10/20

Valery LarsonBeautiful art work David. I love your technique and your ability to capture water is amazing. I'm a fellow zhibit artist and am excited to share with you an upcoming artist tour to Oxford, England. You can get the information for the tour at
-- Valery Larson, 6/26/19

David, you are an incredible talent. I love the detail in your work. Wow.
-- Steven Ruce, 10/22/14

your brother, Art, introduced me to your work. fun website.
-- Kay Bradner, 3/25/10

Great web site and I've always been a fan of your Christmas Cards and Paintings! Keep it up pal!
-- Annette Young, 3/15/10

santa snafu, snowed in at broome & w bwy. only thing keeping us going is laughing at the wonders of bartmark-meredith
-- Meredith Lund, 2/26/10

Your Bourbon Street painting looks great in our sunroom. Thx
-- Bob Uly, 11/16/09

Welcome to the web. Looks great, although the real vibrancy of your art must be seen in RL to be appreciated.
-- M.A.Peel, 10/6/09

are you kidding? Bathrooms everywhere? Haven't seen one in the Twin Cities yet.
-- Peter Z, 9/16/09

Cool site. When I win the lottery I will inquire on the price of Nassau Street.
-- Lauri Maclean, 9/13/09

I only support dead artists.
-- Brian "Ducky" Keane, 9/1/09

You're too modest. See you on the other side. Bert
-- Bert Goodman, 9/1/09

this is outrageous!
-- Pepper The Cat, 9/1/09

Wow! That's a lot of paintings.Great!Now for that Bio,you are truly sick.but we all new that anyway.Lol Poor Pepper.
-- Laura Barton, 8/31/09

Your paintings are beautiful , full of light and very vibrant. Love the whimsical touches and the koo koo biogragphy. You must have a girlfriend who is very inspirational!
-- Lisa Cody, 8/29/09

Beautiful and fun work ... and your bio is priceless!
-- Merry Fuhrer, 8/27/09

Tres Cool
-- Hall'ii, 8/27/09

 David Marc BartonWestport, CT203.227.2071