About me
As a heart to hand intuitive process artist, I am moved to express the inner calling of my spirit and emotions through the visual representation of my being.  Raised in the Pacific Northwest, I find inspiration in nature and prefer to work in some aspect of expressionism, often times emphasizing pattern, texture and expressive lines.

Exploring the tension of the contradictions of life and the need to resolve the point in which they collide drives me to create. Art helps me make sense of life, and allows me to confront, with love, the challenges that lay inside of me through nurturing interactions with the tools and medium.  Bringing that which is hidden to consciousness and awakening that part of me that is not small; bringing its truth to the surface to bless the world. 

I do not limit myself to one medium and express myself through the materials that best represent my current state of being.  Although flexible with my expression through different mediums, I have recently discovered a deep love and connection to clay. Clay as a medium speaks to me through its opposing nature of being both extremely flexible and conversely very particular in its requirements. I am delighted with the constant learning process the medium inspires. I enjoy pushing clay to its limits and relishing in the challenge of bringing a failed piece back to life. I appreciate the grounding nature of the minerals spinning beneath my hands and how as I plunge my fingers into the center of the mound, I am reaching down to grab onto that small still voice inside. Pulling up gently…patiently to form the protecting walls while allowing the energy of the upward (e)motion to straiten my spine; freeing the blocks from the energetic scars left from the conditions of my life. The form the clay holds deep inside emerges whispering its story to me. What do you want me to know? Where do you need to go? Tell me your story. Calm prevails, peace, joy, love returns. I am home.


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