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Beth Ha - Artist

Artist directory :: Beth Ha - Artist

abstract painting, art classes, art parties, clay work, lampworking, silversmithing, mask making, birds, flowers, oil, pastels

Beth Ha - Artist


Beth Ha 
As a heart to hand intuitive process artist, I am moved to express the inner calling of my spirit and emotions through the visual representation of my being. Raised in the Pacific Northwest, I find inspiration in nature and prefer to work in some aspect of expressionism, often times emphasizing pattern, texture and expressive lines. Exploring the tension of the contradictions of life and the need to resolve the point in which they collide drives me to create. Art helps me make sense of life, and allows me to confront, with love, the challenges that lay inside of me through nurturing interactions with the tools and medium. Bringing that which is hidden to consciousness and awakening that part of me that is not small; bringing its truth to the surface to...


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Lake Stevens, WA 98258
United States

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