“A fusion of experiences throughout my life told through abstract works. They encompass people i have met and places i have been, and recollections i re-create from the impressions these special folks or places make upon me. In other words, the intent is to celebrate those traits we as humans have in common and altogether make us one... To celebrate life.”


...Spending a semester in Rome emphasized what I had already been feeling, that art is a part of me. It's something I have to do, which gives me that outlet and allows me to share with the world. Hopefully someday leaving behind a legacy or just perhaps a helpful record of what transpired in someone's life from our time told through works of art. What makes it interesting, is that these stories are told through the eyes and hands of someone with such a diverse and different background.

Born in Honduras, CA I began life as an upper middle class child in a third world country, brought to the USA in 86' at the age of ten, to a mostly African American community in New Jersey. From there my parents took us to upstate New York, where we grew up struggling to pay the rent for most of my teenage years. While in high school took up architecture and art courses, had two pieces elected into a national traveling show across the US. Then I left for New York City, where after studying architecture at Pratt Institute, and this is where I had the privilege of studying art and architecture in Rome for a semester, decided to stay and work in Manhattan, residing in Sunnyside, Queens. I didn't begin showing my artwork until 2005, when I did an art fair and then exhibited at a cafe in the Hamptons of Long Island. Before this, I had the tragic luck of witnessing 9/11 from a rooftop on Canal Street in the Bowery. It had such an impact on me that I painted "Crack of Light" after this event, and little by little fell into a depression.

“Riding through New York City on a motorcycle is as fun as swimming in the sea”.

Although depressed, I kept working on my artwork. In 2007 I was diagnosed with PTSD, and although I was showing, this time in upstate NY at the Outsider's Studio, I couldn't even muster up the courage to attend my own openings.

We moved down to Greenville SC in 2009 with my newborn and wife. By 2012 I had stopped working on my art altogether and took a 3 year hiatus. I did paint 4 pieces in 2016 and as I slowly crept out of my stupor began working in the architecture field. I did have the good fortune of landing my first solo show at one of these architectural offices, MHK Architecture and Planning, in the Summer of 2019. This, as it turned out, was my big break into the art scene in Greenville. I went on to show at various art venues such as the Greer Center for Arts, the Greenville Center for Arts, and many smaller galleries throughout the greater Greenville area. Oh yes, we settled in Taylors, a suburb of Greenville. By 2023 I had been accepted into a national juried competition in San Francisco, and am now on my way to shows in New York City and Art Basel Miami in 2024. I will continue showing at the galleries in the greater Greenville area, for this is where I became a pretty well known artist. My work, and I, have been showcased in both local channels 4 and 7, NBC and CBS respectively. Now that I am in my late forties, I feel like I have finally landed, and am blossoming my art career. I am now racing...

My work is introspective, and most of the early pieces have something to do with me or a recollection of some sorts, in many cases self portraits. I am now moving towards the conceptual expressionism side of things and am painting more with feeling, getting away from having the pieces be strictly about me but the impression they make upon me, and transposed onto the canvas. The Models series is a prime example of this, how the women move me to feel and I portray them on canvas. I am working on complete abstracts as well, where everything just comes out from within. Not depressed anymore, I feel like a new human being. I feel liberated and like the worst is behind me, and I can't wait to see what the future will bring.... 

Jose Romero


(917) 353-5703


Cafe Batata, Northport, NY (summer 05') – exhibited 12 pieces for 2 months

Outsider Studio, Livingston Manor, NY (June 06') – exhibited 6 pieces for a month
Outsider Studio, Livingston Manor, NY (July 06') – exhibited 8 pieces for a month
Outsider Studio, Livingston Manor, NY (July 07') – exhibited 6 pieces for a month

Neuberger Museum, Purchase, NY (April 08') – exhibited 1 piece for a month

The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (June 11')
The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (Oct 11')
The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (Nov 11')

Athens Art - The International Arts Festival, Naxos, Greece (Jan 12')

The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (April 12')
The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (May 12')
The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (June 12')
The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (July 12')
The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (August 12')
The Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art, Columbus, Ohio (September 12')

Solo show at the offices of MHK Architecture and Planning, Greenville, S.C. (June 19')

Solo show at The Greer Center For Arts, Greer, S.C. (Jan.-July 2020)

Placed 7th out of 133 in "Flat Out Under Pressure", a competition organized by Greenville's Metropolitan Arts Council in the Spring of 20', and the piece will be exhibited in downtown Greenville for a year in 21'. The top 8 were considered the winners.

Exhibit at The Wild Hare Gallery in Travelers Rest, S.C. Fall 20' to Spring 21'.

Group show at Exhibit B Gallery, Souderton, PA December 20'.

The Greenville Center for Arts, group show, Jan. and Feb. 21'

The Artist Guild of Greenville, Featured Artist for the Month of May, 2021.

Inchoate Art Gallery, On permanent exhibit since April 22'.

"La Fiesta", The Hispanic Alliance's yearly gala, featured artist May 23'.

Modern Village, Greenville, SC in the permanent collection since May 23'.

The Wild Hare Gallery, Traveler's Rest, SC April 23' - June 23'.

Inchoate Art Gallery, Greenville, SC, solo show May 23'.

Art Crawl at West Side Market, Greenville, SC group show June 23'

J&D Photo and Gallery, Greenville, SC group show Sept. through Nov. 23'

The Greer Center for Arts, Hispanic Heritage Month group show, 
Greer SC Sept.-Oct. 23'

Accepted into a National Juried Competition by Arc Gallery, Fall 23', San Francisco, CA.

Art Expo NY, accepted to show 4 pieces in Manhattan's Lower East Side. April 24'

Accepted into Art Plus Consultants, Hong Kong, China (November 12’)

Published in “Anthology of Friends, Vol 7” - from Ovation TV Community (Dec. 2009)

Published in "International Contemporary Artists - Vol. 1" (Oct. 2010)

Published in "International Contemporary Artists - Vol. 2" (Apr. 2011)

Published in "Anthology of Friends, Vol 11" - from Ovation TV Community (May 2011)

e_Published two digital pieces for a week each on (July 2012)
e_Published in "Best of the Best" Mac Worthington Gallery of Contemporary Art (July 2012)
e_Published in (December 2012)


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