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Carla, I just love your style…and colors! Wow! So beautiful. You have a good gift! Keep the paintings coming! Big hugs, Denise
-- Denise Waterbury , 2/14/23

Lovely paintings
-- Katalin Wolff, 1/6/23

Saw your post on fb and was happy to find a link to this site with more examples of your work. Your watercolors are beautiful!
-- Jeffrey Unruh, 2/17/22

Ooo, I love Convict Lake and Tuolomne River!
-- Barbara Rogoff, 1/30/22

Excellent HR art! We've added a link to your HR gallery on our website:
-- Bear Sawyer, 12/1/21

How did I miss knowing you had yet another talent??? Beautiful art, it!
-- Tony Haralambos, 7/15/21

Sort of panoramic , Dad
-- Robert Neuhauser, 2/8/21

Great to see these paintings. Must visit some of these places. MJI
-- Michael J. Iadarola, 1/23/21

I'm glad you finally decided to do this :) Have you sold any yet ?
-- Eric Barnes, 12/12/20

So very cool!
-- Alby Quinlan, 10/11/20

Love your watercolors!
-- Denise Waterbury, 10/2/20

Wow, Carla! This is amazing!
-- Susan Diez, 10/1/20

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