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Carla Scheidlinger Watercolors

Artist directory :: Carla Scheidlinger Watercolors

Watercolors inspired by landscapes in California and other wild places, rich in color and with interpretation that comes from the artist’s immersion in the natural world.

Carla Scheidlinger Watercolors


Carla Scheidlinger 
Carla has enjoyed art her whole life, and began painting associated with sketching as a way of recording places she visited on business or pleasure. Eventually, the engrossing management of color and light led her to a more serious study of watercolor. A great deal of her work originates en plain aire , resulting either in a painting that she touches up back in the studio, or in an entirely new work inspired by the original sketch. She delights in adding new media to the watercolor palette, such as sumi ink and soluble graphite. Influences come from instructors with background in architecture and illustration. After a long career in habitat restoration that has carried her throughout the American west, she is enjoying retirement with increased...


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San Diego, CA
United States

Hollister Ranch The images are all done at, or inspired by photos of, the Hollister Ranch.
Portraits I very occasionally do portraits. Stay tuned: there may be more!
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