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Loved to revisit your beautiful and unique art work! It brought back many fond memories from 1977, 1980 & 2008. Sending lots of love and peace your way, Nora
-- Nora Bendfeldt , 2/22/21

May the joy of creating art bring your mind&soul closer to next masterpiece.
-- Carmine J. Cerbone, 4/13/17

Your work is beautiful!
-- Alicia Sins, 7/13/14

Very beautiful work, Danielle!! The Legacy is my favorite, and I enjoyed the reading of the Vision of the Future Gallery :)
-- Jennifer Martinez, 8/10/13

Very entertaining with a philosophy we should all contemplate
-- Ralph, 6/28/13

Beautiful! Thank you! Ed Cardona
-- Ed Cardona, 6/18/13

Hi Danielle, I am very sorry to inform you that my Dad (James Page Smith) has passed and I would like to talk to you about him and find out some background on the collection of your art that he so admired and loved. I share my father's love of fine art and look forward to hearing from you. I'll give you more details about my father's passing when I hear from you.
-- Jeffory M. Smith, 3/8/13

Oh, Dannielle, how beautiful your work is! You and I met at the Atlanta Airport on the 23rd of September. We were both dying for a smoke. So honored to meet you. I liked you from the start. Such a cool lady.
-- Aurelia Lambrecht, 9/28/11

Hello Ms Danielle, I was thinking of you and cannot believe I found you and your beautiful artwork here online, I am so happy!!! I don't know if you remember me, but you allowed me and norman to stay with you ('96-97) in your lovely home with the pool in albuquerque. loved that place and love you! you helped me to grow in so many ways. i remember when i was sick, you made the best chicken soup i ever tasted in my life, made from a whole chicken and tons of garlic! you are an excellent french cook! When I needed advice, you shared your experiences. you have lived so much life and it pours out in your brilliant paintings! i learned from you how to better appreciate life, love and relationships. when i returned to virginia. i was a better person because of the life i experienced with you. For this, i thank you! i remember your beautiful paintings winter, spring, summer and fall... simply the most beautiful paintings i'd ever seen. a few years have passed and i still think of you and these paintings. i looked online but could not find them. pls keep in touch and tell me how your life is today! take care, donna
-- Donnie, 10/8/10

very nice make me think..
-- Elaine, 6/27/09

Felice Ciprianibeautiful Drawings Ce'
-- Felice Cipriani, 5/24/09

Great works! Please see my works thanks
-- Yj-art, 5/18/09

c'est vrai pouquoi est-ce que nous ne pouvons vivre sans Dieu? Parce=qu'il nous donne l'espererance.
-- Stella, 11/21/08

Danielle's work is wonderful. I think my favorite is "The Hat" but I like her other pieces as well.
-- Mark Jacobson, 10/19/08

You are definitely a versatile artist, using different media to create your artwork. I like your paintings. I am a painter too, see some of my artwork at my site below:
-- Jenny, 10/13/08

Most excellent !!!
-- Walter Lucero, 10/6/08

"There is no way to happiness...happiness is the way"... - AMC
-- Alan Michael Citero, 9/6/08

danielle the artisteI think your work is brilliant... Your art immediately grabbed my attention from the amazingly surrealistic look and feel of it,and yet, the contrast of the details that boldly define your work, tied it all together very nicely. I also admire the fact that your art is able to unequivocally portray and express the context of the piece, without any conflicts or references to undermine it. The only other artist I've known to do that in such a way is H.R. Giger. I wish you much success in the future artistic endeavors!
-- danielle the artiste, 9/6/08

Sixteen years ago you and I discussed the stars and the universe on a hot summer night. You showed me your work and I thought that your were and are of a brillant mind and of exquisite talent. Somewhere one million light years from here or maybe a million years to the tenth power there is someone like you who is painting like you, However, your talent is unique and unparalled. I would like to hear from you. Your drumming friend, Frank Wells
-- Frank Wells, 6/18/08

Awesome site Danielle, you're very much talented. Incredible. I like the surrealism, the Dali and Picasso(?) influences. I'm your friend from myspace.
-- Jim Davis, 5/17/08