• Discussion between  Dany and Ena
  • The death of God
    Ena: God does not exist danie.
  • Dany: what do you mean? are you saying that all the millions of people that worship God are wrong?
    Ena: yes
  • Dany: you better explain that to me!
    Ena: God was created by man in his image to control the masses. It started as a good idea when villager believe the sky would fall down on them! (laughing)
    It was the first thought to control the human race, and it gave birth to politic.
    Danie: what do you mean?
    Ena: Religion is the mother of politic, if you good you go to heaven, if you are bad you go to hell, if you good you get rich, if you bad you go to jail!
    Dany: so what happen with God?
    Ena: it has gone too far, because of that false believe, millions died and are still dying for his name today.
    Woman , and children have been raped, beaten, persecuted and killed for his name.
    Animals have been sacrificed and abused for him.
    city have been burnt for him.
    Nature has been destroy for him
    Nothing has changed since he was created.
    Man are still dying today for his name, as they did thousands years ago.
    The real reason for war, is religion, God
    If you want to stop, war, poverty, abuse, you need to change your believe.
    It need to stop ………..
    Dany: and how do you proposed to that?
    Ena: you need to change your believe.
    Dany: do you think society will accept that there is no God?
    Ena: I have something for you, higher and better than God!
    Dany: I am listening, I am open to new concept, go for it!
    Ena: I will tell you, next time we talk.
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