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Love browsing through your gallery of work.
-- Henrietta M. Foy, 6/17/21

Looks great. I like the overall look and easy access. Much better layout than mine. Thank you again for your insight. Your creativity is astounding. I had no idea.
-- Les Burnette, 2/17/21

Amazing scope of talent. Your work is as wonderful as you are.
-- Henrietta Foy, 2/20/19

Love your work!
-- Susan Williams, 5/16/18

Enjoyed the art work. Mocha is pretty vain about the pet portrait.
-- Linda Gronski, 7/17/16

Love your gallery of work, many blessings.
-- Henrietta Foy, 6/3/16

-- Pamela Broockman, 1/7/16

Joyce Brown referred me to you since she knew I was looking for someone to do a couple of sketches of a puppy for a book I'm writing. I'd like to talk with you about it, maybe next week. My phone number is 865-405-2617 (cell)
-- Linda Perry, 12/25/14

Deede, thank you for sharing your wonderful work!
-- Pamela Weston, 11/5/13

Known you for how long?, no idea you were so vesitile great work, now some one to emulate.
-- John Patterson, 8/21/13

Nice winter photos, Deede!
-- Mj, 1/11/13

I very much like your galleries of works...they are all outstanding ...and all the animal pix fantastic...and the leaf necklace is exquisite..I just joined the wishes to you always
-- Susan Whitney, 7/26/12

Good Show!!!
-- Frank Linn Wilson, 2/27/12

Hi, Deede I love your new painting! It's wonderful. Are you bringing it to FAB to hang? MJ
-- Mj, 12/30/11

love your web site!!!! sal
-- Sallie, 2/14/11

You have such a beautiful talent! I love your artwork.
-- Rhonda Davis, 9/18/10

Love your Christmas stuff and your "Gone Fishin" piece.
-- Cindy, 8/27/10

Great work. I especially like the heron. Mocha is very proud of her portrait.
-- Linda Gronski, 8/14/10

I'm always impressed at your creativity in all that you do, Deede. Somehow, that gene never made into the Edele clan, except through marriage. jim
-- Jim Edele, 8/12/10

Great art! Miss you guys. Email me your address.
-- Beth Young, 12/8/09

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