Die! Mythographer, Die! Die! Mythographer, Die!
"Most history, when it has been digested by a people, becomes myth. Myth is an arrangement of the past, whether real or imagined, in patterns that resonate with a culture's deepest values and aspirations. Myths create and reinforce archetypes so taken for granted, so seemingly axiomatic, that they go unchallenged. Myths are so fraught with meaning that we live and die by them...."
-Ronald Wright, Stolen Continents, 2005, page 5.

Epitome & Odds & Ends Epitome & Odds & Ends

"...Magic preceded technique - in fact, ...magic is the first expression of technique...we are unaware even today, as we study technique - the techniques that relate to men - that we are drawing on the great stream of magical techniques."
-Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, 1954, page 25.

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