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Artist directory :: Mythographer

Die! Mythographer, Die! Puts the lies to the test. Do you think everything is as it seems to be? Or even as it is'nt? These visionary and mentally/spiritually dense images serve as koans to Wake You Up!!



jon long 
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San Francisco, CA
United States


Die! Mythographer, Die! "Most history, when it has been digested by a people, becomes myth. Myth is an arrangement of the past, whether real or imagined, in patterns that resonate with a culture's deepest values and aspirations. Myths create and reinforce archetypes so taken for granted, so seemingly axiomatic, that they go unchallenged.
Epitome & Odds & Ends  "...Magic preceded technique - in fact, ...magic is the first expression of technique...we are unaware even today, as we study technique - the techniques that relate to men - that we are drawing on the great stream of magical techniques ." -Jacques Ellul, The Technological Society, 1954, page 25.


The tides of time and the winds of fate
Where is the shore that was previously here? All has shifted, and all is no more. The lines that are drawn have blurred and disappeared, grasping at air, in despair, wind torn and forlorn.

History or Mystery?
Historians of the Age Look to the musty and vacant spaces of learning. The physical will always hold truth. The virtual is a lie.

The past half-century has seen a steady erosion of trust in authority of all sorts, ranging from a healthy scepticism to conspiracy theories, which say that governments and their agencies or associates are capable of anything, even murder. To put it in a more scholarly fashion, conspiracy theories are “attempts to explain the ultimate cause of an event…as a secret plot by a covert alliance of powerful individuals or organizations”.

Human Composting: The Ultimate Denial of the Soul Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say The world’s first Gattaca baby tests are finally here

"Once a contraption allowing the separation of technological capacity from moral imagination is put in place, it becomes self propelling, self reinforcing...the human capacity to adjust, habituate, become accustomed...will see to that. Atrocities in other words do not self condemn or self destruct.

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