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Hi Dixie!! I have missed you. I think I might be on your mailing list, but to be sure, here I am again. I love your writing, and your website is perfect! XOXOX
-- Susan Tuttle, 2/3/19

Hi, Dixie. Wonderful site! Surprised me to find this. Hope all is well. Gene
-- Gene Saint-amand, 6/11/18

Hi Dixie, Your personal essay piece "I am fat" was just terrific! I wish you every success with your writing. Love, Betsy
-- Betsy Hall, 7/1/16

Hi Dixie, I did not notice this before on your fb. Im enjoying your writing and info.
-- Carol Newton, 1/3/16

So great to see your honest feelings written out so boldly, Dixie--it brings the present moment alive!
-- Elizabeth Kaye, 9/30/15

Thank you for this invitation! Kathleen A. O'Shea
-- Kathleen A. O'shea, 8/9/15

I love what you've done with this website, visually and spiritually. You are inspiring. Count me in as one of your readers, Dixie.
-- Maria Karras, 3/11/15

Great visiting with you today as always! Very much enjoyed go through you web page...stay on your journey I see amazing changes within you already. We love you!
-- Steve J Hageman, 10/12/14

Quite a beginning, be blessed in your journey and your future.
-- Patricia Simpson, 10/4/14

This website is inspiring, Dixie! Congrats on all that went into creating it. Congrats on believing in yourself. You rock, girl. Write like the wind! xo Enid
-- Enid Madaras, 10/1/14

This looks wonderful Dixie!
-- Susan Tuttle, 9/29/14

Magnificent, Dixie. Insightful, real , raw, and so accessible. Thank you.
-- Kathleen Snyder, 9/29/14