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I like the work. Especially the visual vocabulary, referencing Van Gogh, Manet etc Composition and colour nice.
-- Stella Rowe, 4/29/20

A great collection. I looked closet at the painting you did for your brother and it is both charming and very good. The ones from Europe were excellent. Of course I love the still life, lilies and dahlia .
-- Laurie Mailloux Guedet, 12/9/17

Wonderful evocative work. Glad I found this site
-- Lorraine Nelson, 3/14/17

Well look at Barbara June! I especially liked the paintings of the lilies, Denny. And of course I remember some of the photographs from days gone by. Your talent continues to grow. Lynne
-- Lynne A. Meridith, 3/9/17

Great web site Dennis!
-- John Schneidmiller, 10/5/16