Structures Structures
I like architecture.  If I see anything of interest, I point and shoot. :)

The Catskills The Catskills
historical and captivating

Essex CT Essex CT
around town, Gillette Castle, waterscapes, sailboats, nature

Medfield State Hospital Medfield State Hospital
shots of state hospital campus buildings, fixtures, grounds

Bird Watching Bird Watching
All New England Birds photographed around either the Pond I live on and the Oceans I visit.  Swans, Osprey, Bald Eagles, Seagulls, Cardinals, Finch, Grackles, Nut-hatches, Sparrows, Red-Winged Black Birds, Starlings, Titmouse etc.  Enjoy :)

New England New England
4 seasons of photos around New England

Headshots for business

 Angelica SikulaStoughton, MA7818642685