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Angelica Sikula - Nature Photography

Artist directory :: Angelica Sikula - Nature Photography

Mostly nature scenes, wildlife, oceans, foliage waterfalls and fields and flowers from many years of photo excursions as a hobby, it's my passion and my therapy.

Angelica Sikula - Nature Photography


Angelica Sikula 
Passionate about my time alone snapping away at what ever KODAK moments I see. Everywhere I look, I see an opportunity I must capture. I am a single working Mom, finding peace in my photography when ever I go on an excursion, I can escape. I hope you find something you like here.


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Stoughton, MA 02072
United States


Waterfalls 6 items
Wildlife 34 items
Sunrise/Sunset 13 items
Trees 12 items
Waterscapes 24 items
The Sky 13 items
Anything Goes 6 items
Structures I like architecture. If I see anything of interest, I point and shoot. :)
Winter 25 items
Summer 7 items
Spring 4 items
Autumn 19 items
Flowers 37 items
The Catskills historical and captivating
Essex CT around town, Gillette Castle, waterscapes, sailboats, nature
Medfield State Hospital shots of state hospital campus buildings, fixtures, grounds
Bird Watching All New England Birds photographed around either the Pond I live on and the Oceans I visit. Swans, Osprey, Bald Eagles, Seagulls, Cardinals, Finch, Grackles, Nut-hatches, Sparrows, Red-Winged Black Birds, Starlings, Titmouse etc.
New England 4 seasons of photos around New England


New Photos
Uploaded new photos to the following Galleries: Structures, Spring, Summer, Winter, Waterscapes and a NEW Gallery named Bird Watching. Come take a look :)

New Artwork
recently added photos from 10/16 road-trip to the Catskill Mtns. and wildlife and nature scenes from the pond

Dusting off old work
New things to add, but take a look at the old

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