To let you know as much as I can about myself, let me start way back…it was a cold winter day in Chicago in 1963, late at night a baby cried….The doctor smacked him….Okay, too far back. I come from a very educated and artistic background.  I was drawing, fairly well (according to my mother…), by the age of three, when I had my first artwork published (does Highlights Magazine count?).  I used to draw on my mother’s Formica countertop all the time with pencil, it made a great medium.  Often the drawing turned out so well Mom would leave them for days, until they covered the table, before she washed it off.  Often I would copy really good ones onto paper.  My mother worked as an artist, at home, selling customized ceramic.  I learned all the steps and even made unique pieces for her from a young age up through high school. I always drew pictures on my notes and tests, even getting A’s for art in my English and Biology classes.  I went to a private school for one year; ninth grade (that is a long story) where I published a comic book called “SuperPoo”, (not what you’re thinking!) it was about a little dog named Pooh that lived at the school; his alter ego had strange super powers.  They even gave me an office at the school to work on it.   I was always the favorite of my art teachers, and other teachers, as I was a geek, mostly a science and art geek (The difference between geeks and nerds is: Geeks get things done).


After high school, I did try to pursue art for a while, but it was very hard to market, and I occasionally had my work stolen, I did not understand the industry.  So I pursued science, my other passion.  I took engineering classes, a great combination of art and science, but I became increasingly interested in pure science and eventually got a degree in nutrition and have nearly finished three doctorates.  But the whole time I kept art as my hobby. While I have never used a Mac (my next computer WILL be one, for the superior graphic capabilities, and they have far fewer problems with viruses and such), I have used several creative programs on my PC.  I have designed many business cards, labels, flyers, logos, brochures and other artistic items for myself and others.  On the whole, I have used many types of artistic medium over the years, even sort of inventing a few unique ones.  I have used pencil (mostly), pen, colored ink, water color, acrylic, oils (did not like-took too long), ceramic, glass, wood, computers (I have a color laser printer-great color), creative writing, calligraphy and practically everything else.  My mother has worked in art her whole life, finally retiring this year as the graphic artist for a hospital.  My younger brother has also loved art his whole life (it is in our blood-our art is spookily similar), he has his own graphic art company from his home in Virginia (so he can stay home with the kids). I have had many friends who were artists that may have influenced me. One of my friends (also a science Geek...yes, that is a GOOD thing!) that I worked closely with for a time had the most amazing artwork, called Chromatism ( I just recently saw his new stuff...awesome, Ned, Awesome), look up his site at www.chromatism.net.


I really enjoy drawing “barbarian” art…muscular men and fit, hot women….I have the advantage of having a great model to work from….I am also an IFBB World Bodybuilding Champion, and have many friends and ex-girlfriends who are fit...and hot... and beautiful, one is a top Professional Bodybuilder…she has an amazing physique that is fun to draw. I am also an avid animal lover (I tend to like animals more than people in the long run) and have drawn many pets and other animals, both real and fantasy, and a combination; cats as people or people as cats...and other animals. I love the Fantasy and Sci-Fi Conventions and try to attend DragonCon every year here in Atlanta where I now live. I consider myself to be a perfectionist and a consummate professional. I can draw in many different styles from realistic (like the beautiful portraits of the pretty ladies I have been blessed to know in my life) to cartoons and caricatures and everything in between. I look forward to providing quality artwork for you (y’all) in the future, so I can hopefully make a living doing the things I enjoy.

I have done many things in the past. I find that most things I have done require a creative touch to be most successful from a corporate executive to a “Neo-grunge Renaissance Barbarian athlete” (whatever images that conjures). I have designed well-fitting, comfortable, stylish (?) clothing for my own company, Rags, and for a good friend, oddly enough called IronRags. I have always designed all the labels and print publications for my various ventures.


I have run my own Nutritional/ Biotech company and am starting that again, so my time is very flexible.  I am usually involved in more than one venture at a time, so artistic endeavors are perfect for me. My newest Biotech company is for products that will help people in chronic pain (I hope, i hate seeing people in constant pain, like me). My website is www.imagenlabs.net , web building is an area that i am not very proficient yet, I have just started to look into that, i believe formal classes will be needed...or not, but it always helps to learn from professionals... and i am a student forever, i love learning...many things. Right now I work(ed) as an award winning personal trainer (until a derailing injury), my clients consider me creative and brilliant.  Being a trainer I have to be very punctual, having deadlines back to back every half hour.  I do love that work, the flexibility is great, but I do have a back injury that prevents me from standing for long times, and another injury at work has put me on worker’s comp pay, so I have a lot of free time.  I have very little of my art saved digitally right now, but I have started scanning a few simple drawings.   I have been accused of being a Renaissance man by my professors and many others, so it is impossible to get the whole picture in such a short description...but I will continue to try... 


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