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ImaGen Labs-The Art Of Dr Conan

Artist directory :: ImaGen Labs-The Art Of Dr Conan

Personally Evolving Artwork consisting of humans, animals, and science in all forms, a diverse combination of artistic medium and styles...uh, possibly described as: FunDaMental, which means it's Fun-Dam(n) good-Mental(ly) challenging. uh, yeah... whatever

ImaGen Labs-The Art Of Dr Conan


ImaGen Labs-The Art Of Dr Conan 
To let you know as much as I can about myself, let me start way back…it was a cold winter day in Chicago in 1963, late at night a baby cried….The doctor smacked him….Okay, too far back. I come from a very educated and artistic background. I was drawing, fairly well (according to my mother…), by the age of three, when I had my first artwork published (does Highlights Magazine count?). I used to draw on my mother’s Formica countertop all the time with pencil, it made a great medium. Often the drawing turned out so well Mom would leave them for days, until they covered the table, before she washed it off. Often I would copy really good ones onto paper. My mother worked as an artist, at home, selling customized ceramic. I learned all the steps and even...


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Charlottesville, VA 22901
United States


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