Artist On Demand
I was born in South Africa as the youngest sibling in my family. I have grown up in a loving house that was always filled with music, good food and art with a mom that was a pianist, cellist and a music teacher as well as a very creative dad, two sisters and a brother that is a renown Architect. 

I completed my schooling at the National School Of Arts in Johannesburg in 1982 and went on to study BA Fine Arts but was too much of a rebel and started off as a graphic designer, followed some other ventures in my life and realized how much I missed my art and for the past few years put my heart and soul into it.This combined with my love for music and creating good food makes me a very satisfied artist. I have this constant yearning that is only fulfilled once I do something creative every day. 

I have traveled extensively and lived in Mozambique and most parts of South Africa. I settled in Ballito, Dolphin Coast, KZN, South Africa where I have my studio as well as GinasBnB. Since I can remember I loved being creative and was always drawn to drawing but as the commission's started coming in I started doing more painting and I love Acrylic, Oils and Mixed Media equally as well as trying different techniques. I have my own style and although I learn from other artists I do not strive to be like others just be better at what I do. I have fun with my art but take it very seriously as I do writing poetry. 

I have done a few group exhibitions and were recognized and won a few accolades. Winning a competition has never been the biggest ambition in my life, being my own competitor and providing an artwork in every home that inspires people and make collectors appreciate my work is. 

I have been invited to galleries but prefer commissions and to market my own work.I  have standing clients that keep me busy with commissions for their homes and offices. I love being an artist and help people see the creative side of life.

What inspires me? Everything. We are surrounded by events, music, people, architecture, emotion. I believe that there is so much for us to take in. Artists may have bad days like everybody else but with all the senses and things that surrounds us, how can we not be inspired. As long as I can create I am free.


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