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Artist On Demand - Contemporary Art By Lize

Artist directory :: Artist On Demand - Contemporary Art By Lize

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Artist On Demand - Contemporary Art By Lize


Lize Du Plessis 
I was born in South Africa as the youngest sibling in my family. I have grown up in a loving house that was always filled with music, good food and art with a mom that was a pianist, cellist and a music teacher as well as a very creative dad, two sisters and a brother that is a renown Architect. I completed my schooling at the National School Of Arts in Johannesburg in 1982 and went on to study BA Fine Arts but was too much of a rebel and started off as a graphic designer, followed some other ventures in my life and realized how much I missed my art and for the past few years put my heart and soul into it.This combined with my love for music and creating good food makes me a very satisfied artist. I have this constant yearning that is only fulfilled once...


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Kwa-zulu Natal
South Africa


Colourful Art 63 items
Pen and Pencil 49 items
Mini Paintings Mini paintings 5x7" - 6x6" and 4x4"
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