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LiZeArT - Contemporary & Visual Artist

Artist directory :: LiZeArT - Contemporary & Visual Artist

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LiZeArT - Contemporary & Visual Artist


Lize Du Plessis 
I am a Contemporary, Visual Artist and Illustrator based in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa with a creative passion. I have my own style but are not stuck to one discipline. I am able to create from contemporary, skyline, Illustration to portraits and more. I work with acrylics, oils, water colour, mixed media, pencil, colour pencil, charcoal, pens, ink, pastel and digital. One of my favourite techniques lately are doing contemporary portraits in watercolor and finish it as an illustration in digital. I love painting with credit cards and palette knives for texture. and mixing my pastel work with pencil, colour pencil and acrylic glazed backgrounds to give a different effect. I get inspired by many things beauty, emotion, nature and skylines and why I am...


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Kosi Bay Mouth Road
Kosi Bay
South Africa


Colourful Art 65 items
Pen and Pencil 54 items
Mini Paintings Mini paintings 5x7" - 6x6" and 4x4"
Illustration Illustration and digital manipulated artwork
Vinyl Record Artwork Paintings, Drawings and Mixed Media done on Vinyl Records
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