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Beautiful and caring works Edie. Proud to be your classmate!
-- Dennis Boll, 9/14/17

Hello Edie, it was a pleasure to meet you and your companions on Porvenir island (San Blas). I Hope your journey is nice and inspiring.
-- Mateusz Żurek, 12/2/13

I must say your work is truly touching and inspiring but when reading the Homeless Project I can only imagine how you capture each spirit what passion!
-- Linda Mendible, 6/15/13

Mrs. Cohn, Your art is amazing and it was an absolute pleasure meeting you today. I look forward to coming to the gallery and seeing more. Thanks so much for the invite!
-- Sam Thomas, 3/8/13

love your work--especially your animals and people--colors you use--expressions you choose
-- Mary Stogner, 2/9/13

Edie! What a colorful car! What fun it is to drive too! Am noticed everywhere I go. It is great advertisement for Carpe Diem Cleaning and I am asked frequently about the company. We have captured new clients because they "saw" one of our cars. Thank you!
-- Ruthy, 4/6/12

Wow Edie, I would really love to take a tour of your gallery the portraits in charcoal speak volumes... I'd like more information on the Center for HOPE as well, I live in Durham and have never heard of it. Thanks, Angela
-- Angela Carmon, 9/29/11

Hi Edie, I always enjoy looking at your work. You do capture a person's spirit in a colorful and unique way. It is a true talent.
-- Ruthy, 8/11/11

Ms. Cohen: I believe you are the correct person. If so, you did a charcoal portrait of my 4 month old son, Joshua. We brought in a picture that was taken the weekend before he passed from SIDS. To date, it has been 18years now and your portrait of Josh is still my most valued possession. Thank you for sharing your talent and for capturing the most beautiful baby boy I've ever seen.
-- Debra Turmer, 3/13/11

Edie, I love how much content you have on this site! It is so nice to be able to see the Homeless Project and get such a nice tour of your other works. Looking really good!
-- Jessica Clark, 8/5/10

Hey Ma, looks Great so far. Looking forward to looking closer, Best, Travis
-- Travis Cohn, 7/6/10

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