Eva Fidjeland´s Art Captures the Human Experience

Healing I
When art captures the essence of the human experience, it reveals aspects of humanity under a bright spotlight. The art exphasizes these qualities direcytly, pointing observers towards images that will challenge our current perspectives of the world. The artist, as the creator of such pieces of art, is responsible for the design and creation of these images; their process is similar to a process of unveiling, in which the artist will seek to bring the observer closer to truths through images.



Eva Fidjeland´s art brings observers closer to the truth of understanding the human process of healing. Fidjelans´s art exists within an extraordinary global context. The world has separated the concept of healing within a dichotomous line. Eastern  cultures typically incorporate healing concepts within their aspects of a life holistically, while western cultures view healing as the mere recovery of illness or injury. Many citizens of the world carry a perception of healing that lays somewhere in between.



Eva Fidjeland´s art emphasizes the human need to challenge these perceptions through captivating mixed media images, color and examination of the human body. Eva Fidjeland´s art asserts the concept of healing is far from esoteric; promoting the idea that healing is a natural, organic part of the human condition that connects us to the world in which we live.


DOMINIC RICHARDSON, writer/editor at Art Bracket LLC

Healing II
Healing III

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