I'm Back!!!
I'm back!!

After four long years on hiatus, I am so happy to finally announce my return.

I had an amazing experience, traveling the world, from Asia to Central and Eastern Europe, to South America and Mexico. The trips were incredible; I met amazing people who offered everyting from hospitality to shared time to help with directions and travel advice. Some have become friends I can return to visit in the future and some were fleeting connections that left their impressions in some of my favorite photos. It was exhilarating and exhausting at the same time, but I was blessed to have had the opportunity for this kind of extensive travel experience.

Upon returning to the States, I relocated to Asheville, NC and just love the gorgeous landscape...mountains, rivers, woods...it's where I feel connected to the natural world around me. I do miss the incredible diversity in everything from food to theater in Chicago, but I plan to visit often.

As for my jewelry, I have had to reinvent myself and my art to accomodate both a new virtual world and to stay safe and healthy in the craziness keeping us from doing in person shows.

I've geared up with a completely new line, creating limited edition pieces that are each unique as variations on a theme. I still have "one of" pieces available, but it also allows more possibility for accommodating different stones, finishes, textures and even adapting the shape. Some designs are available as pendants, earrings and even bracelets.

I believe this new approach will evolve into a sustainable business model for me, while providing my clients with the same unique personalized jewelry I've always promised. And, I never stop creating new work, so come back often to see where the muse has led me.

I welcome your feedback, any requests for commissioned pieces, redesigns of older pieces and some limited repairs.

I invite you to view my brand new collection.

All Photos by Melinda Allen Photography and Gayle Weiss


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