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Your labryis design stopped my heart. My wife wore one when we met. She lost it and another one purvhased, it seems She was a warrior and no longer needed that protection. Your work is stunning. Thank you for found memories today. Widowed in Indy.
-- Lynne Rupp-price , 2/14/21

Your art is incredible - amazing attention to detail ... art at its finest!
-- Carol Conrad, 2/13/21

beautiful designs
-- Julie Fischer, 2/12/21

Enjoying my necklace! Love the variety that you offer , especially your pendants.
-- Lisa Longerich , 2/12/21

Enjoying my necklace! Love the variety that you offer , especially your pendants.
-- Lisa Longerich , 2/12/21

I appreciate several of your ring designs in gold.... Do you ever do pins?
-- Jenn Young, 2/8/21

looking forward to your newsletters
-- Julie Fischer, 2/8/21

I was excited to see your name in my email ‼️ A long time ago we met and for some reason that is lost to me now, I believe I gave you a vest I had woven. Is this true??? Love the ring in one of the opening pictures. Your work is fine.
-- Dannie/danielle Engwert , 1/29/21

I love your creativity! Wow! You have worked so hard & invested so much time. I am impressed!
-- Heidi Netherton, 1/28/21

Beautiful work! What is your price range?725478
-- Kelli Smith , 1/2/20

Hi Gayle Hope all is well with you. Love your work . I wish I could have done something related to the arts as a full time job, but life handed me an other course. Anyway I saw in your website that Bob Macko does some kind of work with you. Is this the same Bob Maco that might have been my realtor I used this year ? I’m retired now so I have my Saturdays and Sundays free to go to art and craft shows. I’ll try to make it to your next show and say hello.
-- Dale Lustig , 10/21/18

-- Avis , 3/28/18

HI! I walked by the Glenwood fest with LULU after our Beach walk this morning , then looked you up... I will Miss you! I hope all is ok ?! Crazy Girl Hugs at Ya!
-- Jody Bartley, 8/20/17

Ruby St. JamesGayle so pleased to see your feature .. hope you have been well and content.
-- Ruby St. James, 4/16/17

I've bought several of Gayle's pieces over the years, and always get compliments on them. And they are classic designs, very well made.
-- Pam, 9/13/16

Nice to meet you and own pieces of your art!
-- Kari Bloom, 5/21/16

Customer Service, Quality, Selection... Gayle is a highlight of the Elmhurst Art Fair each year. Personable, great to do business with, love her artistic talent and jewelry pieces.
-- Paula, 5/2/16

I love your new website -- or have I been out of touch? There are so many elements of design and texture in your work, so many pieces to love!
-- Valerie, 4/12/16

Hi, met you at the Wilder Mansion Holiday Market!
-- Judy, 11/9/15

Thanks for coming to the makerlab. Checked out your site, great work.
-- Tommy, 9/3/15