The interplay of colors, depth, movement and organic forms enlivens me. What gives me joy and drives me is the challenge of rich colors blending and playing off each other creating a mood for the piece. My paintings are nonobjective in style, yet many have animated forms in balanced relationships.

I currently paint using acrylic on canvas sized from about two by three feet to four feet square. Painting large enables me to create an open color field with translucent layers, depth and boundless space resulting in a feeling of the forms having unrestrained movement. I work on multiple paintings at a time.  


I am a fifth generation San Franciscan.  I was a child surrounded by a small family art collection and a library initiated by both of my great grandfathers. I developed a deep appreciation for and an understanding of  art. A passion for experiencing, as well as creating, art has became a core value in my life.

I was generally a fan of art through most of my youth and young adulthood. I made very little art myself, but I tended to surround myself with artist friends and community in college and beyond.

In my mid twenties, I started to create my own works. A unique graduate studies internship allowed me an opportunity to explore my artistic expression. I started using pastels and watercolors developing my own style working with the interplay of color, depth and movement in a non-objective manner. Over the past twenty five years I have taken some formal teachings, but generally my work comes forth from my core sense of color and the interplay of form.

A key body of work is the Zephyr Series, generally large pieces in acrylic and ink creating backgrounds of rich colors and depth with the interplay of organic ink forms.

I did an extended, very informal, generally solo meditation retreat in Todos Santos, Baja Sur in spring early summer 2007.  I settled into the quietude, my Buddhist inquiry and practices, the simple community and routine in the small village and my casita - a short walk through the desert to the endless empty beach.  During this stay, my paintings shifted to what I now call the Meditation Series.  A shift in subtle concentration and in the abstaction of concept, form and color. This body of work continues to arise at the time of this writing in my small dome studio in Santa Cruz, California.   11-15-08


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