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Geoffrey Lyons

Artist directory :: Geoffrey Lyons

Explorations in non-objective, abstract, color field and meditative painting

Geoffrey Lyons


Geoffrey Lyons 
ARTIST STATEMENT The interplay of colors, depth, movement and organic forms enlivens me. What gives me joy and drives me is the challenge of rich colors blending and playing off each other creating a mood for the piece. My paintings are nonobjective in style, yet many have animated forms in balanced relationships. I currently paint using acrylic on canvas sized from about two by three feet to four feet square. Painting large enables me to create an open color field with translucent layers, depth and boundless space resulting in a feeling of the forms having unrestrained movement. I work on multiple paintings at a time.   BIO I am a fifth generation San Franciscan.  I was a child surrounded by a small family art collection and a library...


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Santa Cruz, CA
United States


Zephyr Series Acrylic and Ink on Canvas Sizes from 2' x 2' to 4' x 4'
Color Fields 19 items
Todos Santos Baja 2007 Three month stay to paint, meditate and get healthy in many ways
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