About Artist Lyn M. Ferrucci

I was born in Spokane, Washington (in 1946), was raised in upstate New York, and have loved art since I was a child.

I entered an Art Contest in Second Grade in Anchorage, Alaska and won first prize for a painting of a “Rainbow.”

My instructor from the third grade until I finished high school in 1965 was W. Ralph Murray. He was an AWESOME artist and taught me to do watercolor and oil painting, and to make jewelry. He had attended the Philadelphia College of Art, and was the President of the National Watercolor Society for a very long time.

I attended the University of Michigan.  Then my family moved to Everett, Washington and I attended Everett Community College.

I was married in 1969, later moved to San Jose, California, and went to San Jose State University. I taught school in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Then back to New York, followed by study at the University of Washington (grad school).  I went to Alaska (Bering Straight School District), then wound up my career at the Shoreline School District.

“My Art is Love” www.lynferrucci.com - (206) 915-1853


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