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Very Nice stuff George! Super Fun to gab with you and Dean yesterday!
-- Jake, 5/24/20

I was wondering about you and thought to see if I could find your pottery online. Bravo! Love the colors
-- Rex Barker, 2/25/15

Thanks everyone for all the kind comments! I'm finishing a firing today for a show I'm doing this weekend, so I'll be posting some new photos soon.
-- George Gulian, 11/17/14

Please come and be an artist in residence in Floyd!
-- Sally Sagebiel, 11/17/14

Very Nice! George
-- Donovan Kramer, 11/16/14

Nice wok GG…Fryk sent me your site…I'm trying to get it to the BCSBFC if that's ok…we have pottery and music mixed…like it's always been…It's good you grabbed your second chance…I know Warren McKensey and Gene Johnson did pots into their 80's…( think Warren is still at it) so you have time to do what you love.
-- Bo Conrad, 11/16/14

Wonderful work George! We'd like to see more.
-- David Frykman, 11/16/14

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