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I looked at the gallery and was amazed at the variety of media that Harriet used. This is a wonderful tribute to Harriet and her glorious works of art. I look forward to adding the portrait that she did of me in 1979 to your collection. Please contact me as to how I should go about it. Rosa Barnett Averbach 4-26-11
-- Rosa Barnett Averbach, 4/26/11

Lisa, it was great meeting you this week; thanks so much for sharing your story and this site address. I'm looking forward to browsing the collection. It appears that the collection is in good, caring hands.
-- Darlene Sullivan, 4/20/11

I met your mother when a dear friend of mine, Bernie Tumiki was visiting in florida. I instantly connected with your mom on many levels. I would love to receive your newsletter. Several pieces interest me. As so many other Floridians, i've been going through lets say a business rebound. I know one day I will own one of her pieces. such a beautiful tribute to her. she's smiling for sure. thank you
-- Darcee Santicola, 2/14/11

What exquisite, colorful work. It's a pleasure to browse. I know I'll return to the site again and again. Anne Watzman 1-4-11
-- Anne Watzman, 1/4/11

Beautiful work. I cannot wait to devote some time to look through each piece.
-- Michelle Bruckner, 1/2/11

Her work is really beautiful Lisa. What a great idea for sharing your mother's talent.
-- Maureen, 1/1/11

An arresting collection by a no doubt magical woman. What a wonderful tribute!
-- Jeremy Pickard, 1/1/11

Lisa, Harriet had a beautiful understanding of light and shadow. It really shows she loved what she did. It comes out in the work.
-- Alex Arko, 12/31/10

I loved Hariets work, and watched her at work, she was amazing.She always asked me to critique, but i could never find anything to improve. they are very much missed,we loved them so much
-- Rita Dennis, 12/31/10

Harriett was a very special woman and her art work shows the inner beauty of just one of her many talents......We miss them both dearly.....
-- Ronni Prince, 12/13/10

We are very impressed with Harriet's work. Lots of good luck with your project. If we can assist you in any way, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone: 305-651-1723
-- Carol & Mort Schomer, 12/12/10

Harriet paintings are beatifull. You did a great job organized them.
-- Fruma, 12/11/10

I've seen some great pieces here at a glance. I look forward to spending some time looking through all of them.
-- Sean Sullivan, 12/8/10

So grateful to experience Harriet's inspired and prolific expression of beauty and the life force thru her creations. Thank you for sharing her work with us all so we may honor and celebrate her!
-- Adrienne Wehr, 12/8/10

Ms. Newberg was my French and English teacher in Jr. High School. My best friend Bernie Tumicki became friends with her years later. Will visit site again for a longer look.
-- Marjorie Tibbs, 12/8/10

Beautiful artwork created by a beautiful friend and lady. Thanks for the treat. I love and miss her. xo
-- Bernie Tumicki, 12/7/10

Beautiful job, Lisa! Congratulations! xxx
-- Dana Whitco, 12/7/10

thank you for sharing these jamie!!
-- Lu, 12/7/10

such a blessing to have these available. thank you so much.
-- Lori Kinberg, 12/6/10

Your Mom had a unique eye and her artwork brings that to life beautifully. There are countless incredible paintings here, Lisa. You should feel so proud of yourself for having worked so hard to put this together. It is an incredible website and the most loving, living memorial to your Mother and Frank and the love you all shared. Love, Ariel Devine
-- Ariel Devine, 12/6/10

A collection of artwork by the late Harriet Phillips (of Pittsburgh, PA and Sunny Isles Beach, FL)