Everything can be broken down into smaller often-invisible parts. From monolithic architecture to the atoms that make up all living things, everything is made of modules. In nature, systems of organization regulate modules by locating them within an ideal logic. My paintings emulate natural systems of organization by manipulating modules and creating organizational systems. 

Math and science, specifically astrology and multiverse theory, play a large role in the research and inspiration for creating new works. I am enamored of the images of celestial bodies and evidence of cosmic events such as supernovas captured by the Hubble telescope. My paintings, both through their color and composition mimic these events, attempting to deconstruct their mystery and reconfigure it.

I am fascinated by the possibility of infinite dimensions existing side-by-side or interweaving within the same spacetime. My work is an attempt to facilitate the recognition of parallel dimensions. I believe paraxial imaging[1] can be used as a tool to render these intangible dimensions visible, and that the phantom colors of paraxial imaging are perhaps visible evidence of dimensional overlaps.  My interest in accessing parallel dimensions is personal as well as scholarly. My father (also a painter) died in 2013 and I absorbed his studio materials into my practice. I hope that by exploring perceptual phenomena thru the configuration and colors of the paintings, and by using my dad’s left over paint, that I can somehow channel or communicate with my dad in the parallel dimensions in which he is still alive and memorialize him in this one.

[1] Paraxial imaging occurs between the viewer and the object or image being viewed. It happens most significantly when looking at a gradient or tightly spaced parallel lines and involves phantoms colors (colors not actually present) that pulsate when viewing the work.