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I was born in Lakenheath, England, and traveled extensively as a child, living in Saudi Arabia and visiting Europe, Asia, and the Far East.  Upon returning home to the US, my family settled in Maryland, where I graduated from the Visual and Performing Arts Program at my local high school.  It was there that I met Mr. Mike Baglieri, cartoonist/teacher and my first mentor.  He imparted to me the basics of what would later become my style, as well as a love for cartoonings' tongue in cheek way of communicating.  Upon graduation, I attended Ringling School of Art and Design, studying illustration for four years.  There I added the works of Ralph Steadman, Remedios Varo, and Egon Schiele, among many others, to my childhood love of the whimsy of Dr. Seuss and the drama of Salvador Dali.  I began to apply more realistic, life drawing techniques to the basic cartooning that I loved, but my work still looked nothing like it does today.  After graduation, I decided to take some time off. When I did pick up my sketchbook again, the type of work coming out of my head and hand was the beginning of what you see here. I began to take all of the influences from my life and use them to create something completely new and exciting for me. Since that time I have worked, more or less, in a bubble, with the exception of a couple of minor gallery shows and the odd sale to an odd person. But no artist can grow without an audience, which is why you are here.  So please enjoy my work and any feedback you feel compelled to leave behind would be most appreciated.



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Dealing Dreams and Destruction to a Pattern Plagued World
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