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Just... WOW...❤️❤️❤️
-- Erika Thieser, 3/31/19

Holy Shit man...Blown Away! Love so many of them. Why is the Jager gone?! Never Level is insane . I just hope you're able to be recognized in your time so you can enjoy it, because it's definitely going to happen big time at some point!
-- Griffin Vittone, 12/19/15

Wow ~ your art undoubtedly speaks universally. On levels you are a master. Love the volume... vastly imaginative & massively organic.
-- Lainy Kaz, 4/2/11

Creative, original, visually stunning. Anyone who likes surrealism should own something from your portfolio.
-- Jay Grummel, 8/7/10

nice job. i like b&w.
-- Ken Marsak, 8/4/10

I really enjoyed meeting you at your "pay the bills" job at Cafe Murano. I was the one watching the Rays/Oriole's game that you showed your "table top" fantastic piece of art. Your work is quite striking. I have passed your website & email to my comic book friends who will no doubt view the site. Keep up the great work & I look forward to purchasing in the near future.
-- Chris Miles, 4/12/10

Your work is amazing a true style all your own enjoyed viewing it with my family! I'm glad to have joined this site.
-- James Lasenby, 2/19/10

Hi Kevin, I absolutely love your work! So interesting to talk to you at CM and then to look at your work. I am truly impressed by your creativity and wish you much success. We had every intention of going to your exhibit on 8/23 however I have jury duty and need to get up 6:00 am the next morning so it is not a good date to venture downtown the night before. Our thoughts will be with your for your success with your exhibit and again the best. Keep up the beautiful, inspiring art! Love ya, Maryanne & Bill
-- Maryanne & Bill Dent, 8/14/09

This man is amazing
-- Don Brusen, 8/1/09

Felice Cipriani....What an Artist !! brilliant work you are a Meticulous Genius Felice Cipriani
-- Felice Cipriani, 6/3/09

Thought capturing, colorful, creative, artist you are. I'd like to be an un-splatable fly on the wall where you paint.
-- Teresa, 4/30/09

Your work is insane!! Love it!! I am so proud of you.
-- Nikki Brown, 3/28/09

Its your long lost cuz. Your work is absolutely insane! I love it I am showing everyone I know. You are so talented. Congrats on everything!! Luv yas, katie
-- Katie Cope, 3/20/09

Penny EverhartI enjoyed your whimsical art. That is a grand compliment by the way. Your work is full of life and feeling and color. It was a joy to see. I hope you had a great showing by the way. Keep the colors alive!
-- Penny Everhart, 3/12/09

I just read on and saw that it is prints you are selling for $65. I don't feel so bad for you. Still a great value. See ya.
-- Joseph Dowd, 3/11/09

Hi Kevin. I'm one of your deisgner/artist aquaintances from Gina's. Boy it kills me to see you selling your work for $65. The body of your work is really getting impressive. Best of luck. You can check out a little site I just put together. Good Luck.
-- Joseph Dowd, 3/11/09

Autumn Noelle SmithWow. Just cruising and found your work. It's so indepth and full of feeling. I LOVE it!
-- Autumn Noelle Smith, 3/10/09

Kevin, your art is amazing, but we already knew that! Congrats on your show and best wishes! Love, Uncle Robin, Karen and family 3/8/09
-- Robin Woolford Jr., 3/8/09

Your art is amazing, yet disturbing. I love it!
-- Melissa, 2/16/09

Kevin congrats on your show in March. Charlotte is especially happy since it is her bday that day. We love all your work. I wish we could be there to see your show. When the show is over and you can breath let me know because I want you to do a print for me. Love You Aunt Peggy
-- Peggy Pratt, 1/19/09

Dealing Dreams and Destruction to a Pattern Plagued World
-Luke Rhinehart

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