Artist Statement
            Through the border between the artist and the audience, I desire to depict the world both in visual and spiritual sense. In my belief, art was what drew me nearer to the world, yet helped me see it from a different eye. 

            My ideology is to express the world’s spiritual presence through introspection and contemplation. The creating progress is based on spontaneity, resistance, unintentional, and simplification as well. In this manner, I continuously develop a relationship between colors, shapes, portions, lines and mediums and make bold manifestation on the canvas in a large, gestural, abstract form which opens up to the infinite possibilities of connection through exploration of the world surrounding and within us. The classification of my abstract style can be observed as all kind of relationships.

     Solo Exhibition  
     2023 FOCUS London 2023, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
     2020 Living Art Centre, Mississauga, Canada
     2016 ARTIST PROJECT 2016, Better Living Art Centre, Toronto    
     2014 XIT-RM: Relatioal Space selected exhibition, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Canada
     2010 Solo Exhibition, Visual Art Mississauga, Canada
    Selected Group Exhibition  
    2024 ArtWorks Oakville 23th AJS, QEPCC Gallery, Oakville, Canada
    2023 Salon 17, Propeller gallery, Toronto
             You Are Here, Visual Arts Mississauga, curated by Fausta Facciponte
             SCA 2023 Open International Online Juried Exhibition, Society of Canadian Artists
             Unframed, Propeller gallery, Toronto
             Painting 2022/2023, John B. Aird gallery, Toronto
    2022 Off The Wall, Propeller gallery, Toronto
             And All Of A Sudden, Propeller Gallery, Toronto
             35th Anniversary of AGM Benefit Auction, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Canada
             ArtWorks Oakville 22th AJS, QEPCCC Gallery, Oakville, Canada
    2021 Mistletoe Magic, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
             Off the Wall, Propeller gallery, Toronto
             Florals 2021, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
             ArtWorks Oakville 21th AJS, QEPCCC gallery, Oakville, Canada
             Salon 15, Propeller Gallery, Toronto
   2020 SCA International  Online Juried Exhibition
             Living Art Centre, Mississauga             
             AGM Benefit Art Auction, Art Gallery of Mississauga
    2019 "Off the wall", Propeller gallery, Toronto
             Art Gallery of Mississauga 15th Annual Fine Art Auction, Canada
             "BLUE l BLEU IMPULSE", Propeller Gallery, Toronto
    2018 "Northern Tendencies", Propeller Gallery, Toronto
             "A Showcase of Abstraction", SCA Elected member's exhibition
             Intersection: My World- My Community, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
             50th International Open Juried Exhibition, Papermill Gallery, Todmorden Mills Museum, Toronto
             Art Gallery of Mississauga Benefit Art Auction, Canada
             SCA 2018 Open National Juried Exhibition
    2017 Art Gallery of Mississauga 14th Annual Fine Art Auction, Canada 
          'Live longer, Piss pff Your Heirs/ curated by Olga Korper+Taiga Lipson, Propeller Gallery, Toronto
             AGM 39th Juried Show of Fine Arts, Art Gallery of Mississauga
    2016 SCA 48th NOJE, EtobicokeCivicCentre Art Gallery,Toronto
             ArtWorks Oakville 17th AJS, QEPCCC Gallery, Oakville
             SCA 2016 Open National Online Juried Exhibition
    2015 NEXT! The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto,Ontario
              SCA Elected Member's Exhibition, Flato Markham Theatre, Ontario
              ArtWorks Oakville 16th AJS, QEPCCC Gallery, Oakville, ON
              The 8th Annual BAB OJ A&PS, Beaux-Arts Brampton,Brampton ON,Canada
              OSA 142nd OJE "Order in Disorder", John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
              SCA 2015 National Open Juried Online Exhibition
              AGM 37th Annual Juried show of fine arts, Art Gallery of Mississauga
     2014 IMPACT 2014 22th Annual Juried Exhibition, NPCC
             SCA Elected Members Exhibition, Etobicoke Art Gallery
             VAM 36th Annual Juried Show of Fine Arts, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Canada
     2013 IMPACT 2013: NPCC's 21st Annual Juried Art Exhibition, NeilsonParkCreativeCentre, Etobicoke
             The Joseph D, Carrier Gallery, Columbus Centre, SCA Elected Members Exhibition, Toronto
             ArtWorksOakville 14th Annual Juried Show, QEPCCC Gallery, Oakville                                   
             In Living Colour showdown 30finalists, Saatchi online gallery
             The Winner's Circle, invitation-only exhibition for award winning artists, NeilsonParkCreativeCentre, Etobicoke
             VisualartsMississauga 35th Annual Juried Show of Fine Arts, Art Gallery of Mississauga
     2012 Elected member of Society of Canadian Artists
              ArtWorks Oakville 13th Annual Juried Show 
              BAB Juried Show 2012, Beaux-Art Brampton, Canada
              VisualArtsMississauga 34th Annual Juried Show of fine arts, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
     2011 Impact2011, NeilsonParkCreativeCentre 19th  Annual Juried  Exhibition 
              Group Exhibition, Mississauga Art Council, Toronto
              ArtWorks Oakville 12th Annual Juried Show 
              ArtParis ShowDown Finalist 2011, Saatchi Online Gallery, Le Grande Palas, Paris, France
              SCOPE ART Fair in NewYork finalist, Saatchi Online Gallery
      2015 OSA 142nd OJE "Order in Disorder", John B. Aird Gallery, Wyndham Award
      2012 MARTY Award EMERGING Artist Honorable mention, Mississaga Arts Council
      2012 ArtWorks Oakville 13th Annual Juried Show, Juror's choice
      2011 ArtWorks Oakville 12th Annual Juried Show, Honorable mention
      2011 IMPACT, NeilsonParkCreativeCentre 19th Annual Juried Exhibition, Second Prize
     Different Strokes, Contemporary Paintings, Saatchi Art
     New Abstract Expressionism Collection, Inspired by Hans Hofmann, Saatchi Art                          
     Collections by Saatchi Art ( Broad Brush: New Gestural Paintings, Yves Klein Blue, Inspired by Miro, In Abstract
      collection, Black, White, and dash of Red collection, and many New This Week collections)

     Private and corporate collectors over the world


       2009  Fine Arts (High Honors), Sheridan College Institute of
                 Technology and Advanced Learning, Oakville, Ontario
       1987  Bachelor of Business Administration, National University
                 of Kangwon, South Korea 
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