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Fact Fact

Fate Fate

Subjective timbre Subjective timbre
Seeking freedom in spiritual sense through my own subjective timbre expression on canvas.
Each of us has a natural preference towards certain colours and these subjective choices are indicative of our personality.-Johannes Itten

Traces of Memories Traces of Memories
My autobiographical expressionist series, "Traces of Memories", feature important elements which constitutes parts of my life imprinted in my memory to who I am today.
It is difficult to clearly state the reasoning behind each element, but I believe each has its own story and have played a significant role in the fulfillment of my life.
The minimalistic expression with the inevitable thick black brush stroke (representative of my fate and identity), the thin grey line, and vaguely remembered images in buff colour encompasses my spirit.

The moon and I The moon and I
The moon and I

Inspiration from the moon; 

The presence of the moon approaches me with a sense of longing. The moon has been with me since I was born and will continue to be with me until the day I die. Even though it lives with me, I can never truly get close to it.

Likewise, the moon is with everyone else too as it orbits around the earth. You can see it wherever you go and sometimes, you can see it during the day. The moon is always with me; a mysterious being that unchangingly comforts me and illuminates the darkness as it gives light.

When I look at the moon, my heart becomes full and overflows with emotions. As if water is gradually overflowing from persistent crashing waves, then the feeling of existence gradually fills up.  

I wonder – how many people are looking at the same moon that I am looking at right now from somewhere else? 

What are they thinking about as they look at the moon?