As 2022 is approaching fast. I do have pieces available for the holidays. Please get in touch if you are interested!

I just attended the La Quinta show in mid November. It was a great show and I met lots of wonderful people!

In 2022 the La Quinta Art Celebration will move back to it's regular
 time of early March. I have applied and hoping to attend again. 

If you have been thinking about masks from my collection, text me!   Cheers!  Jeff

Text to: 425-239-3751  call: 360-387-3291

Let me know if you have any questions!!!!
Thank you!!!!
e-mail:   or
  Phone# 360-387-3291
Text 425-239-3751
Thank you!


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Amazing vision and talent. We have three masks and have decided to buy as many as our walls can handle. This is inspired art that came from dispelling fears to creating happiness. Kudos to a friend a didn’t know I had. To you and your beautiful family, blessings of peace, health and good fortune!!
-- Miguel, 8/30/20

Your work is just amazing! A friend of mine has some of your pieces, I love the lips on the mask. Wonderful.
-- Jacqueline, 6/2/13

 A. Jeffrey ZigulisCamano Island, WA360-387-3291