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we just bought 2 of your dream masks at the palm springs art museum! I love them and can't wait to put them up when we get home to santa cruz /aptos! love the b/w pockmarked one on your home page too!
-- Leslie Chow, 2/13/22

I was at the la Quinta art celebrations this week and I love your art. I would like to purchase a few of your birds. How can find out the prices. $200 - $300
-- Charles Taylor, 11/13/21

Thank you for making me smile.
-- Arthur Klkonsky, 12/6/20

Hi Jeff, I enjoyed having your work in our home. We moved about 3 years ago to Oregon, Love to know how you and the family are doing.
-- Maria Sund, 7/11/20

I purchased a dream mask from you at the Baltimore show MANY years ago. It’s just as wonderful today as it was then. I’ve since been gifted a very small mask, it has curly wire hair no pupils and just a slit for the mouth. It’s very cool with the bouncy curls. I hope to add a larger mask to our collection.
-- Marc Friedlander, 3/9/20

great work... purchased 2 this summer in stone harbor,nj
-- Philip Rothenberg, 9/8/19

Would like to purchase 2 masks that measure around 9 inches in length not including the plume on top.
-- Judy Terrell, 9/2/19

Love your work, Jeff. Have 2 of your bird masks in my family room - they sure are conversation pieces. Everyone loves them! Keep creating, Jeff - can't wait to see what you come up with next. Also, would love bigger pictures of your Crib art.
-- Eva Maze, 2/20/19

Dude... your new stuff rocks! Hope to see you this weekend... ~R
-- Rob Plaza, 5/9/18

Hey Jeff, I finally got around to checking out your website; there’s so much more variety of work than I thought: I guess I never got past the front area of your booth! You really are a serious-ass painter! Your digs look really cool. You’ve got it figured out… I dug the pictures of you making the clay masks. See you somewhere on the road. Cheers, Mike
-- Mike Conlen, 4/16/18

Hi, I'm the daughter of Wanda Zimpher, step-daughter of Wanda's husband, Marvin Zimpher. Marvin and Wanda were Jeff and Nancy's next door neighbors on Schaeffer Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
-- Sara Mccarthy , 9/18/17

Nice pieces Jeff you just keep getting more creative, keep on creating !
-- Mark Ellinger, 6/4/17

Hi Jeff, your work is fantastic. I have never seen anything like it before. Keep up the great art work. I will buy something in the future when my finances get a little better. Take care buddy, Big Osc
-- Big Osc, 5/12/17

Please let me know when you are showing your art anywhere on the west coast. Thankyou
-- Penny Peltonen, 1/7/17

I was born at the Groton/New London Naval Submarine Base in 1956. I ran across your work on an online auction and wanted to look at other work you've done. I like your colorful pieces. Thanks for brightening my day!
-- Darlene Hainer, 6/27/16

We Love your work Jeff, with genuine respect! ENjoyed trading one of ours for one of yours. Kathy still stairs starry eyed at the artwork we got from you. I simply treasure it. Hope to see you and your wife in Annacortes. We're in booth 906E.
-- Rob & Kathy Kistner, 5/21/16

Your work is incredible, and you live in paradise
-- Steve Ferrante , 7/22/15

Hi, Jeff. Did you find something to do with your time today? haha. One of these days my wife & I want to take a drive out to your neck of the woods. Later Mike
-- Mike (#4), 4/29/15

Hi Jeff, I had a visitor to my house yesterday who said, Wow! what is this beautiful thing?" My reply,":That is a beautiful piece of raku-fired porcelein made by Jeffrey Zigulis, an artist from the West coast." Back in the mid eighties, I made a trip to New York with two of my boys in tow. We stayed on West 72nd St. and took a stroll and that was how we found you and your work on exhibit in a plaza. I bought three pieces and you shipped them to South Texas. My love affair with them never waned. We moved several times and I lost one and then another. So I am down to one, but I cherish this piece still. It keeps me centered somehow in a world that has been turbulent at times. Your work has changed significantly over the years but still has a Jeffness. I am very happy for your success and love your beautiful home and setting.
-- Diane Myers, 9/22/14

-- Lori Bernstein, 8/2/14

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