beautiful, beautiful sight, I just now figured how to download by clicking I didn't think it was ready. Love it
-- Patricia [The Mother], 11/13/08

Your new website is terrific ! Great photos of your unique art work. Love all the passages to look at. Wonderful to have you, your family, and your neat art as our neighbor! kEEP CREATING ! Your studio will be a great additiion to the island art tour in May!
-- Kirby & Janet, 11/8/08

Dude, nice website and awesome pictures of your casa. I saw a few pictures that Joe brought back form his chili pepper Z boys event. I like your EPL banners, Man U in particular. See ya bro.l
-- Mario Gosalvez, 11/7/08

Tres magnifique!
-- Benjamin Ziemer, 11/6/08

WOW! What a beautiful place to live and work! We really love your work, especially the latest Money Mask. Pictures of your property and views are "DA BOMB"....
-- Ramario, 11/6/08

Wow! These masks are wonderful. Color, clarity, they jump out at you. The design is simply fantastic. Jason is my son and is so excited to share this with his family.
-- Ann Barker Davenport, 11/6/08

Nice Job Jeff, site looks great & your art is awsome, see ya around & keep on createn !!!
-- Mark Ellinger, 11/5/08

looking good about time !!!!
-- Shmoe, 11/5/08

Amazing job Jeff, it's great to see your pieces on the web. Now we can share with my family on the east coast. Jersey and Paula
-- Jersey, 11/5/08

Cool site Jeff! There are no pictures of your beautiful granite countertops;-) We ( Steve, Erin Larry & Bruce) at Granite Fabricators Inc. are a fan of your work!
-- Erin Vanry, 11/5/08

Love Your MASKS! Great website....Beautiful home.
-- Rhonda & Fred Hundertmark, 11/5/08

-- Mike, 11/5/08

 A. Jeffrey ZigulisCamano Island, WA360-387-3291