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Jennifer, looking through your artwork and mediating on its message/ your message was a balm for my soul this morning. Thank you for your unselfish sharing of your gift.
-- Susan Wakelin, 1/7/21

What an uplift for my spirit to look at your art. Thank you for the dear person you are and for using your talent so faithfully.
-- Susan Wakelin, 7/1/19

It was a pleasure going through your lovely paintings.
-- Kenneth Harris, 6/20/18

-- Penny Coper Allen, 5/17/16

I purchased a peace of your art work a few years back from an estate sale of a Dr. that lived in Sanford. It is #52/200 of the commissioned art " First Street in Sanford Fl. Would love to know the history behind it if you would be so willing.
-- John Auman, 1/28/15

Your work has always been amazing! I'm so tickled to see your new work. You have always been an amazing artist and an amazing person. I have so much love for you. Thank you for being the person you are.
-- Ginger Vance, 11/27/14

just beautiful
-- Jennifer Vandermark, 4/3/14

What great pictures
-- Kim Patrick, 8/29/13

Your artworks are wonderfully fabulous as ever! Jan
-- Jan Kolata, 10/21/12

I am so excited to find this info about you today. I met you back in 1989. I was the owner of ' Four Corners Frame Shop and Art Gallery ' in Orange City. I am the proud owner of a childs portrait you did back in 1989. I am so happy for you and your success as an artist. You have blessed many. Thank you. Carol
-- Carol Diehl, 7/9/11

I have not looked at Jennifer's work for several months and I looked through her work this morning. It has lifted my day. Her pieces always bring a smile to my face and the Holy Spirit behind each painting radiates off of the image and into my heart and surely into the hearts of many many others. Love you Jenn!
-- Mary Gossett, 5/23/11

Jennifer, You and work work are AMAZING! You inspire me to be creative, Thank you for always sharing a smile. When I was a kid, the thing I loved about art was you could make someone feel true emotion without saying a word. You do that for me!
-- Kim Mallory, 4/20/10

Jennifer has been a friend for many years. I have always admired her work. She is such an inspiration to all who know her. I have several of her originals and prints and display them proudly for all to see. Thank you Jennifer for your beautiful work and all you do.
-- Lynne Larson, 4/16/10

What a talented artist! Your work makes me contemplate, and enjoy! What a wonderful use of color, and in your black and white work, what great use of shading. Truly a joy to behold. Your awesome gentleness and loving spirit shine through. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.
-- Susan Wakelin, 4/10/10

Jennifer, I love the vivid colors you use, but more importantly, the subjects of your paintings. They reflecf a wide range of human emotions and experiences.
-- Jill Woods, 4/9/10

I have had the privilege of being able to call Jennifer a friend for several years!! Her excitement and love for art just spills onto anyone around her. I have seen her work in progress and finished and am always amazed at her talent and the message she gets out in her paintings!! I have also had the privilege of working with her at the Agape Clubhouse where she shares her creative inspiration to the homeless and brightens their sometimes darkened lives. She is humble and modest but what a talent and what a blessing she is to the world!!
-- Lou Anne Gossett, 4/8/10

Beautiful work with a great deal of heart! You are an inspiration!
-- Mary Gossett, 4/8/10

James LasenbyBeautiful work,what an explosion of color that radiates off your canvass. A pleasure to look at your work! I,m glad to have found this site to show some of my own art.
-- James Lasenby, 1/7/10

Hi Jennifer, I was looking for your street address this holiday and came across your website. What a wonderful & inspiratonal site! I'm wishing you and your family a blessed holiday. Jan Kolata
-- Jan Kolata, 12/19/09

WOW!!! Your artistry is amazing and after reading your story, YOU should also be a writer!!!
-- Wayne & Adrienne Prosser, 12/13/09