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Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell, Artist

Artist directory :: Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell, Artist

Fine Art and Illustration, Custom Commissions, Oils and Alkyds

Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell, Artist


Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell 
Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell, Fine Art and Illustration. Artist’s Biography: Jennifer Thomas Houdeshell, professional artist and illustrator, paints in a representational style, nearly always incorporating people, especially children, into her narrative paintings. Her captivating, colorful work invites the viewer to participate in the story. Currently, in addition to freelancing, Houdeshell, is enjoying illustrating picture books for children under contract to Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. in Saint Louis. (Please see 3 of the trailers for the books on her Home page below the first illustration.) Recently, she has also painted a series of 24 black and white "Faces of Human Trafficking" to help raise awareness of the scourge of sex trafficking in the...


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