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-- Wayne Gierum, 2/6/20

Wow! Wow! Wow! You are amazingly talented! I Love all of ur artistic photos and the quirky titles u have 4 them! Your Jewelry is beautiful! The hand made dolls and items are adorable! And the upholstery work is magnificent! I also really Love ur photo restorations & drawings! You are super talented!
-- Suzy Kaplan, 6/1/19

Jenny, you are so talented & take awesome photos!! As you know, I have several in my home...and I could use some more!! XO
-- Kcee, 3/25/16

Jenny, what can I say - you have a magnificent eye for art. I am so proud of you and encourage you to 'reach for the stars'... you deserve them... Bob
-- Bob Casale, 12/2/14

Jenny, you are so awesome! Beautiful and talented, you are too incredible to be believed. I know you will do great things.
-- Richard Blouin, 12/14/13

Always a pleasure seeing your art! Thanks for sharing your talent with oliv'us all to enjoy!
-- Chrissy, 5/13/13

Wonderful photos. You have a talent for creatinve composition. Good eye!
-- Mom & Dad, 12/5/11

the website looks beautiful! hadn't seen the pictures from italy or your drawings...awesome.
-- Patty, 2/2/11

Urban decay photos are gorgeous... but i would not expect anything less. Keep it up!
-- Thomas Higgins, 2/1/11

Love the new pictures, Jen! You have a great eye for contrasting and complementary textures and colors.
-- Zach Berger, 1/31/11

Jenny, your site is beautiful. Would love to see more drawings but your photographs are awesome. Thanks for sharing them.
-- Maddy Bleecker, 5/29/10

Jenny, beautiful, beautiful work! I never knew what an awesome artist you are!
-- Bryan Whitten, 5/18/10

Outstanding work from such a creative genius! I want to see more postings!
-- Jared Dubois, 12/7/09

Jan SwanI think your photographs of buildings are exquisite.
-- Jan Swan, 10/1/09

jenny you are an amazing artist!
-- Tina Johnson, 9/25/09

Beautiful!!! I knew you had talent...remember the watercolors of the lake in New Hampshire? I want to reconnect.
-- Liz, 8/22/09

Jenny- You are so talented- I love you to death!! Keep on doing what you are doing!! Love ya, Aaron
-- Aaron Burr, 4/28/09

Beautiful stuff Jenny!
-- Ian Newbury, 2/3/09

Mi piacciono le tue fotografie.
-- Massimo Pivato, 1/2/09

your work is beautiful!
-- Patty Mcgee, 12/2/08