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Jenny Blouin Photography and Designs

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J Blouin 
I am a photographer and craftswoman based out of the Providence, RI area. I attended Rhode Island College and earned a BA in the studio arts with a concentration in photography. I have been passionately designing, creating, fixing, decorating, and photographing things for as long as I can remember. I have currently been exploring the diverse personalities and patterns that can be found in architecture and nature. Hope you enjoy.


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Rhode Island
United States


Places & Things 42 items
People 9 items
Sutton Motor-In Sutton Motor-In Opened: 1947 Closed: 1996 110 Worcester Providence Turnpike, Sutton, MA 01590 10-acre property which is currently being taken over by weeds, weather &writings of graffiti.
Scenic West 9 items
Italia 8 items
Jewelry 12 items
Handmade Items Sculpted, drawn, doodled, painted, embedded in resin, sewn, fired &glazed, crafted from found objects
Furniture Reupholstering Here are a few examples of the kind of reupholstering services I do for my customers. It is basic chair renovation with your choice of upholstery fabric and new foam padding if needed. It will look great and stand the test of time.
Photo Restoration Faded, scratched, spotted, torn, water damaged photos? Would you love to bring your old and special photos back to life? Send me a jpg image of your photo/ photos and I will give you a prompt price quote for a professional photo restoration. The cost is generally $15 per photo but may need to be adjusted slightly higher depending on the extent of damage.
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