Transformation…intimate detail…grand scale: the photography and artworks of Jessica Sanders. This Sydney based photographer’s most profound artworks are her digital photographic landscapes which work on a large scale to create an effect of the sublime. Her current work in this style follows the transformation of a “chameleon” subject within a collaged panoramic image to investigate concepts on identity, plurality, metamorphosis, time, ability of change and the forming of boundaries. Her earlier panoramic photographs use cross processing to create an eerie atmosphere, alluding to themes of the subconscious and dreaming.  Another of her artworks also presents a landscape on a large scale, however dissects the vista into several intimate close-up images which as a whole form a gestalt of the location. This technique of focusing on finite detail can be observed in many of her works, using a range of subject matter from the natural, domestic and urban environments. Aside from art-making, she also works as a free-lance photographer and graphic designer, producing images of events, weddings and material for commercial use.


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 Jessica SandersSydney, NS, Australia+61 499924730