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Jimmy!You are fantastic Fresh Air?Fresh in your ART!Thanks,Imre.
-- Imre Somodi, 12/30/13

Hi,Jimmy!CongratulationYou are a fine professional artist.I just love whot you do.Just keep going.I will see you again in the Husky your new friend,Imre.
-- Imre Somodi, 9/8/11

Wow, just happened to come across your link to view a painting on Craigslist so I looked at more of your work, and I must say they look so realistic. Beautiful work. When I get money to buy original art work, this is where I will definitely choose a couple for my home. Thank you for your visions on canvas.
-- Laurab, 6/28/10

I have just started the ICS Art Program. It is very inspiring to see your paintings and to learn that you have sold so many. I think your landscapes are very beautiful. I hope you continue to have great success!
-- Laurie, 6/2/10

Jimmy, I have got a great impression! Good luck buddy! Illya
-- Illya, 5/27/10

nice works!
-- Yi Chen, 5/24/10

Hello Jimmy! Congratulations on your new journey as an artist. I am currently taking the ICS Arts Program and I will be more than happy if someday I am able to produce paintings as beautiful as yours. Good luck with all your future art exhibits! Susanne Thing Skene, 5/18/10
-- Susanne Skene, 5/18/10

Amazing ! Impressive on your Engineering background and these beautiful paintings ...
-- Kevin Dong, 5/4/10

Jimmy Your paintings are beautiful. I may ask you to paint me one some day! I hope people will contact you for paintings!
-- Vicky Thibodeau, 2/11/10

Congratulations on this site Jimmy, well done!!
-- Michelle Coleman, 1/31/10