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Absolutely wonderful work!!! Spoke with you on phone a few weeks ago. How do I go about purchasing prints of your work? Hit me back soon!!!
-- Charles F. White, 5/10/18

Met you at Scripps. LOVE your work.
-- Anita, 1/23/15

Uncle Johnny, I see that God has blessed you also with your passion. Beautiful work, for a life time & beyond.
-- Sherry J. Kinebrew, 1/13/15

Beautiful work cousin. I'm so proud of you.
-- Monica Kinebrew-watson, 7/11/13

Great work Johnny. Hope to see you soon.
-- Kim, 4/26/11

John, Can't wait to see your amazing new western art posted here on your site. You are a fabulous artist.
-- Betts Mccalla, 7/18/10

Mr. Kinebrew, great artwork, and your airbrush work is second to none. Lauretta and I love our sweatshirts. We wish you all the best and success in your life long passion.
-- Jay From Cincinnati, 2/23/09

John, It was nice to meet you, in Vegas Christmas day. I like your web site and your are is incredible. Your airbrush works look unbelievable. Take care.
-- Mike Nelson, 12/26/08

Should have known you'd have a website. The jacket for Marsha is for Christmas so she hasn't seen it yet. I'm sure you'll get feedback-it's beautiful. Where can I see examples of your western art? Lindy
-- Lindy Lindquist, 10/16/08

Awesome!!! Keep up the excellent work. You are truly talented.
-- Kevin Kinebrew, 7/18/08

John, Thank you for the AMAZING airbrushing of my shepherd Ali'i. You are a VERY talented artist. I LOVE showing off my jacket. People stop me to ask who the artist is..... I love my one-of-a-kind wearable art, of my favorite furry companion. Mahalo nui loa. Peace & namaste~ TJ
-- Tj, 7/17/08

John, I can see how this can take your work to the next level and have a greater exposure. I'm really proud of you!
-- Ed Waken, 7/17/08

Keep up the great work. May God bless you to continue to use your gift.
-- Arletta Wilson Merritts, 5/14/08

What can I say; I always knew you were great now everyone else can see.
-- Sherry Ann Kinebrew, 5/14/08

Amazing artwork, very talented artist.
-- Debbie Campbell, 4/28/08

John- Your artwork is incredible. I almost expect the dogs to start barking. I can't wait to see and buy more. Betts
-- Betts Mccalla, 4/27/08

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