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John Kinebrew

Artist directory :: John Kinebrew

Boxing paintings, western art, airbrush

John Kinebrew


John Kinebrew 
From an early age, I found myself drawing all the time. When I look back, I feel lucky to realize that I really loved art then, like I do now. Little did I know that art would become a lifelong passion. I consider myself blessed, and I think that the special passion one has for something like art is the gift people talk about when they say you’re gifted. To my good fortune, I was able to study art at the William E. Gebhardt School of Art in Cincinnati, Ohio, by working as an elevator operator in exchange for classes. Those classes pretty much launched a 30-year career for me as an artist. Currently I reside in Phoenix, Arizona, where I enjoy painting boxing scenes and western art, and also have fun airbrushing dogs and horses on T-shirts....


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Phoenix, AZ
United States


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