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Good stuff, Kathy. My hat goes off to folks who can create a great still life. I could when I was younger, but I got away from it - or it got away from me. Thanks for checking in on my website. Stay well. Allen (
-- Allen Weitzel, 4/7/13

I LOVE yr abstracts so much. GREAT palette. Love collage work anytime I can see it! OH! Hello, my name is Ray Swaney & I am looking through the Petaluma Arts Council artist directory, searching for artists whose work resonates with me (while skipping over those whose work I don't enjoy) so I can say... If you're going to the Petaluma Art Walk on July 10th, I'd enjoy if you were to stop by The Tea Room Cafe (316 Western) for my artist's reception. (7-9pm) I'll be up there for all of July. It's only my graphite works (I love abstracts & faces). Sorry about the blatant self-promotion. At least it wasn't blind self-promotion in form of form letter. ;) "GO Tree" & "Vases" are my faves on yr page. CHEERS! --Ray
-- Ray Swaney, 6/26/09

Hi Kathy, would love to see you and Ron soon. call me 1-562-331-9235 cell
-- Michele (Price) Flannery, 10/1/08

You are very good. Keep up the awsome work!
-- Leanne Esparza, 5/2/08

 Kathryn HuhnRohnert Park, CA707-338-1318